Monday, 21 October 2013

The situation is turning very shaky in Odisha

Kandhamal:19.10.13:People are in the devastation of efect  shocking. The area was famous for its greenery having thousands of trees and it was well know as a tourist place, but the storm had stripped it of its pride possession and rendered it barren. It hurt us when we knew that the dread storm had spared the costal as well as in Kandhamal.
The low-lying areas with paddy crops to the district had been fully submerged. We passed many villages in Kandhamal, which too had faced the fury of the cyclone. With their houses damaged, most of them had smashed. We hardly saw any people or any vehicle on the road. A dead silence had reigned supreme everywhere. 
 “The situation is turning very shaky. Putrefaction of animal cadaver, rotting of uprooted trees, Drinking water,Communication and open toilets now threaten outbreak of epidemics. But the Government does not appear to be serious to address these problems,” Mrs. Kambsi Pradhan said.

When most of the people could have resorted to self-shifting to safety place after the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted Phailin, the State Government continues to make false claims that it evacuated more than 9 lakh people and tries to spread its version across the globe by means of media sources said. 
“Everyone was focusing on the coastal evacuations and relief and recovery along the coast and we weren’t prepared for the Phailin hits in Kandhamal areas as well,” Mr.Buri Nayak,a victim surviver said. 

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