Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Phailin lands at Gopalpur on 9.00 pm

Bhubaneswar: 12.10.2013: About seven people swept out, hundereds cows, livestock washed away by the phailin. More then fifteen (15) village is in water lash in Gopalpur area, the cyclone stroked in 09 pm to the land at Gopalpur.The speed of the Phailin in 185 kmph.Havey rain will be remain same for next fourth eight hours,if wind speed go above 220 kmph at landfall,Phailin could be classified as a super-cyclone, Indian Metrological Department said on 9.50 pm this night. The super-cyclone of 1999 had hit Odisha with wind speeds of 180 kmph per hour and waves as high as six metres high.
            It is raining already in coastal areas of Odisha .Power supply has been cut in seven coastal districts in Odisha. Power supply has been hit in capital Bhubaneswar too. There are reports of strong winds uprooting trees and electricity poles in Gopalpur, Berhampur of Ganjam
Atlist five villages of Chilika, Fifteen villages are being washed-out in Baleswar district. It was affected is 185 kmph to 200 kmph and it was predicted of 300 kmph.
            Still there is many people are struggling to come out.  Hardly anyone can be seen on the streets - the government has unable to manage the relocation, most people living along the coast, although some are refusing to leave. Shops, businesses and even petrol stations are shut. Most people have stocked up on provisions, unsure of what to expect.
Basta ,Balipala,Astarang blocks of Baleswor are cut up of communication due water lash.
Many people here have memories of the super cyclone that struck Odisha in 1999 and are frightened of what Phailin may have in store for them. Paradip is on most high alert! The Phailin is blowing above then 200 kmph 97.5 FM said at 09.30 pm this evening.

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