Sunday, 20 October 2013

Human Rights Defender Forum (HRDF) preparation for Phailin Response

Bhubaneswar: 15.10.13: The Phailin cyclone has stork to the Odisha severely. A disaster response meeting has held by Human Rights Defenders held in Bhubaneswar on today. Sri Dhirendra Panda, Convener, Civil Society forum for Human Rights and Pradipta Nayak lad the assembly , Sri Bagambara Patnayak was the chairman of the occasion. Observance on opinion of participated activists following decisions have determined in the meeting for compassionate response.
             The death toll in Odisha mounted to more then 50 after 30 more people perished in seven costal districts of the state in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin that also triggered a flood in some areas. Most of the casualties were caused by wall collapse, uprooted trees and in floods, while a large number of people were injured, the HRD forums ground report said. The cyclone led to floods in the two districts of Bhadrak, Baleswar and Mayurbhanj where near half of Baripada town was submerged. 
           Most affected areas are Chikiti block of Ganjam, Mohana of Gajapati and Daringbadi block of Kandhamal will be taken out of other district for a rapid assessment to track the government by the forum. Dalit, Adivasi, Marginalized and Daily labour are to be taken care, chairman said.
          About 14,514 villages in 12 districts have been affected, hitting a population of 90,60,4 81 given details of the devastation caused by the cyclone according to SRC and state government report.
          Still there is many people are struggling to come out.  Hardly anyone can be seen on the streets - the government has unable to manage the relocation, most people living along the coast. Most people have stocked up on provisions, unsure of what to expect fro the government.

          Major points to meet the disaster mitigation:-
Activists and members of leading Human Rights Defender Forum to be revisiting the government mechanism for disaster mitigation of UN amendments on disaster.
The forum evaluated that the government has misappropriation of relief, rehabilitation.
The team will monitor and keep on vigilant of any kind of prejudice in relief and rehabilitation
The forum will engage in each every identified block of affected districts of Odisha to asses the damage of individual affected families and put forth before the government to get the compensation  
Phailin impact assessment of damage, lost etc has to be compensated by the government.
Disaster management measures suppose to follow the guideline of United Nation.

Forum will be focused on Pre, during and Post occurrence of disaster mitigation in the finding Mr.Kularanjan D.majhi,OROSA said.

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