Sunday, 20 October 2013

Odisha Phailin Cyclone Response Forum started Phailin assessment

Bhubaneswar: 16/10/13: The Odisha Phailin Cyclone Response Forum meeting started at 3.30 pm in CYSD on 15th of Oct. 2013. The Principal Secretary-Government of Odisha Mr. Upendra Behera, Inter Agency Group members along with Civil Society Organization from different parts of Odisha and other finance official of the Government of Odisha around 100 have actively participated. The objective of assembly was (a) To understand the gravity of “Phailin” cyclone situation (b) Many hands approach to work together as said by the former RTI Commissioner Mr. Jagdananda Panda who preside over the meeting today.

The agenda of the meeting followed with self introduction, presentation of findings by RPCRF, led by AINA Mrs. Sneha, Individual sharing of respective affected areas, government initiative by Mr. Upendra Behera, sum-up by Mr. J. Panda and formation of Groups for thematic component such as Livelihood, Entitlement, Housing and Sanitation, Different Able Persons, Child Protection etc. The group will work with collaborative and coordinating closely to government departments. 

               Overall, 14 districts in Odisha were affected by the storm.The flood situation is harsh in Balasore and Mayurbhanj, Mr. Upendra Behera said in the emergency meeting at CYSD, Bhubaneswar. Three teams of National Disaster Response Force and teams of the Orissa Disaster Response Action Force have been dispatched to the most affected areas.

About 1200 families directly affected and their houses are damaged by the cyclone hit as per our rapid assessment from different blocks. The power supply has been cut off in the district since last three days. Strong winds uprooted the trees and electricity poles, heavy rainfalls overflowed the streams blocked roads Father Manoj Nayak-Jana Vikas,Kandhamal said.

Cyclone Phailin lashed India’s eastern coast at Gopalpur in Ganjam district with wind speeds of up to 220km per hour around 09.30pm on Saturday, bringing heavy rains across south coastal Odisha , he add.

By all accounts, the Odisha government has managed to contain the human fallout of Cyclone Phailin. The human toll was less than 50 deaths at the time of writing. This is in stark contrast to the last time Odisha faced cyclonic destruction in 1999 when some 10,000 persons lost their lives one of a participant said.

Twenty-one people died and 11.9 million people have been affected by the cyclone and the ensuing floods in 128 blocks of the state, according to state administration. Rescue teams have been pressed into action to airdrop food packets in flood-hit areas. In Balasore district, around 300,000 people are locked by floodwater government official said.

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